Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What A View

I stopped on the road leading to this Crusader fortress because this view was so awesome.


In the foreground is an eleventh century crusader castle or fortress set up to protect pilgrims on the way to Petra to visit the tomb of Aaron the first high priest of Israel and the brother of Moses.


That tomb is a little white dot at the top of the mountain in the background. It has been and still is a sacred place to Jews, Christians, and Moslem’s.


It is a considerable hike to get up that mountain but it is well worth the trip.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Measured and Potographed

Finding an object on a dig is only the first step. Before it can be removed its location must be charted, it must be measured and photographed. We photographed with both 35 mm and digital cameras.

Big Grin

Notice the centimeter stick and the information board that gives location on the dig site, the date and the indication of where North is. All of this is vital to the dig records and for future scholars.

I love this stuff.Arms