Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the Sea of Galiee - Tiberias - Gennesaret

The Sea of Galilee also known as the Sea of Tiberias and the Sea of Gennesaret in the Bible was the home of some of the disciples of Jesus who were fishermen. Along these beaches Jesus walked and preached and taught. 
This view is from the Mount of Beatitudes 

The Sea of Galilee is actually a small lake that is 33 miles in circumference. It is about 13 Miles long and 9 miles wide and 151 feet deep. The Lake lies 670 feet below sea level and is part of a rift valley that forms the Jordan river and the Dead Sea.

Boats of the Sea of Galiee

This fresh water lake is a great place to swim and enjoy fishing. I loved watching the wonderful variety of boats plying the lake.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Old and The New Jerusalem

This picture of a divided Jerusalem is a great contrast.  

Inside the Crusader walls is the "Old Jerusalem" and outside is the modern Jerusalem. Inside the walls is a city of narrow crowded streets with buildings from every generation since the crusaders. 

Outside is a city with wide streets designed for cars and the heavy flow of people. There the constructions is on going. Both Jerusalem's are exciting and you would need to live there for years to see all the wonders of that awesome place that is sacred to three religions.

Monday, April 25, 2011

In "Old Jerusalem"

This is not a mall but a covered street in old Jerusalem. The shops on the left are closed.