Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Greek Vase

In a previous post I had a picture of the Greek vase as I first found it in the ground. Only the round part was sticking up. Here is how it looked when all cleaned up and ready for display.

The tag attached tells future archaeologist where and when it was excavated and also has my name on it as the one who excavated it. What joy!


  1. I was just thinking last night of how many ancient treasures there must be in museums in the middle east and europe. AND of how many treasures have yet to be found! I wish I could travel to see some of these wonders but thats not likely any time soon.

  2. Nan I wish you could too for there are many wonderful treasures to behold. Even better I wish you would join a dig as a volunteer and dig up some treasure for yourself. It is a truly awwesome exprience.