Friday, February 20, 2009

My Dig Site

This is my dig site at Ashkelon - Grid 50 - This is my first view of the dig every day from the top or ground level. Over the 15 years of Harvard University digging there you can see how far down they have excavated. You can see three levels from here. Philistine at the first level and then off the the left the trail descends down about ten feet to the Canaanite living level. The Philistines conquered the Canaanite city and destroyed it and built over it. 

If you can see the half circle of sand bags the mark the edge of a 45 foot drop down to where I was digging in the Canaanite tombs.  So I droped down about 90 feet from this point and then had to come back up 90 feet at the end of the day.

This was an awesome palce to spend my summer in 1999 and I would love to go back if the ever quit fighting there.


  1. so, the first step to the layout is taken lol... I'll add the Egyptian name icon later