Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am slowly recovering from the effects of the ice storm brrrr.
A huge 75 year old silver/red maple in my beck yard split down the middle. Half fell into the back yard away from the house --- thank God. The other half is still standing but is now a threat to the house so a tree removal company has been hired to come and take it down. That requires a crane in my back  yard. It will cost $$$$$$$$$ but must be done.
My back yard looks like a battle zone as that was not the only tree loss back there just the largest.
I am on the tree company's list but there are lots of trees down in Lousiville - some that went into houses.

After this I am seriously considering a natural gas powered whole house generator that will come on when there  is a power failure. Three times inside of one year is too much. 

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  1. I feel your pain and understand well your concerns. The generator is a great idea and not outrageously expensive. It can be tricky, though. My backyard has no trees left in it...time to put in the pool!!!