Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baptistery in Jerusalem

While in Jerusalem I visited an Episcopal Cathedral and was surprised to find this baptistery near the entrance to the sanctuary. It has two sections one dry for the priest to stand in and the other wet for the person being baptised to be immersed in. 

The interesting thing is the the Episcopal church sprinkles and does not immerse. The priest on duty there told me that it was there to appease the Greek Orthodox. Go figure!

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  1. The Lutheran church also sprinkles instead of immersing.

    I remember being baptized in the Holy Cross Lutheran Church back home in Michigan.

    I was an 8 year old child when this took place.

    Then later on my children were baptized with sprinkles.

    I attend the Baptist Church when I do attend church, now-a-days.

    It's so interesting (and sometimes confusing) how there are so many different ways of doing things.