Friday, October 9, 2009

On Mount Vesuvis

This is Herculaneum on Mount Vesuvius in Italy and in 79 AD the mountain erupted and covered this place deep in ash, along with Pompeii and other small towns. Only a very small part of this ancient city has been excavated.

Cloud Nine

I would love to go there and dig. I believe that because the Christian faith had spread in Italy by 79 AD that there might have been a small Christian Church meeting there when the mountain blew it cork. I can dream that perhaps St. Paul wrote a letter to them that no one know about and it needs to be found. I would really love to be the one to find it.


  1. Are you planning on returning to that region to do some work in the future?

  2. I heard they have been excavating for years there and they keep turning up new finds.