Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ancient Mdeicinal Herb Cures

Ancient Medicinal Herb Cures Chin
Arnica: Mouthwash for inflammation prevents bruising and swelling in skin injuries.
Catnip: For colic, fever, toothache, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, aids sleep and digestion.
Chamomile: Eczema, stomach ache, nevers, aids sleep, promotes healthy skin and hair.
Coriander: Couoghs, chest pains, fever, headache, dysentery, stomach ache.
Dill: Colic, gas, bad breath, abdominal cramps, used as a diuretc and for circulation.
Feverfew: Migraines, bruises, burns, hypertension, and alchol withdrawal.
Lovage: Kedney stones, jaundice, gout, boils aids appetite and circulation.
Mint: Digestive ailments, cold and sinus symptoms, skin inflammations.
Parsley: Aids digestion and circulation, sweetens breath, and eases muscle spasms.
Rosemary: Dandruff, dermatitis, headaches, calms nerves, aids circulation.
Sage: Indigestion, gas, anxiety, insect bites, mouth infections.
Sorrel: Nausea, mouth ulcers, scurvy, sore throats, urinary infections.
St. Johns Wort: Lung and bladder problems, dysentery, depression, hemorrhage.
Tyme: Dandruff, coughs, gum diseases, used as an astringent.


  1. Ancient but still used today!

  2. Thanks for this. I am always looking for alternative medicines.