Saturday, May 1, 2010

Personal Life Cycles

All living things have life cycles. They are born, hatched, germinate, or branch off from a parent plant. They mature and reproduce and then get out of the way for the next generation to take over and do the same thing. This is the way of life. For humans it is what happens in the big middle of all that life cycle that makes us who we are.
We have extended our natural life cycle so that we do not get out of the way of following generations as fast as we use to do. The average life span has gone from forty something to the mid seventies. Though humans have always had the capacity to reach the century mark very few did but now many do and the percentage is growing.
As one who is retired and in my late sixties I am facing questions of what to do with the next forty years. I know I should do that because my gene pool is long lived with many of my ancestors living past ninety and some past the hundred mark. I want to make the later part of my life cycle count as much as the first and perhaps more.
What about your life cycle?What

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  1. In my career, I take care of seniors, many over the age of 90. Some do very well (like my gramma) while others require a great deal of care. We must start now; early years (whatever that means) and be good to ourselves. I don't want to live into my 90's really if I cannot get around well. Nor do I care to have that all too common Alzheimer's type dementia. Imagine my blogging then!!