Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bone Table

From six AM to Noon we worked on the dig site and brought back what ever we dug up to what was called the pottery yard. The yard was more than pottery though most of it was for the massive amounts of pottery. We had sections for human bones and another for other bones. In the afternoon we returned and after lunch cleaned what we had brought in, labeled it for inspection by the experts and then sorted it for later study by PhD. students.

I was assigned to the anthropology area which we all called "The Bone Table" and worked there. The cardboard boxes, called flats, on the table is what we used to hand carry the bones back from the dig site. The bone fragments you see in the boxes still need to be processed. Each box was labeled with information that stated where the items were found, who dug them up and when. 

When bones were processed at the table the tag stayed with them as a reference for future study. The box went back to the dig site the next morning to be filled again.

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