Monday, February 28, 2011

Mount Moria

This was my first view of the "Wailing Wall" the western wall of Mount Moria or Temple Mount.

Actually Mt. Moria is mostly hidden under a lot of dirt. The wall you see here was built as a retaining wall by King Herod the Great when he enlarged the Temple Mount to build a bigger temple. This wall was not actually part of the Temple itself. It is however awesome!

Above it is the Dome of the Rock on a site that is sacred to Hebrews, Christians and Islam. Inside that golden dome is three alters: one for Abraham, one for Jesus and one for Mohammad. It was an inspiring day for me in 1999 when I visited there and prayed at the wall and at the alter for Jesus. Three religions that worship the one true God and one wonder why we can not get along. But then I wonder why Christians can get along with each other. People and their differences of personal opinions spoil the message about God's love for all of us.

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