Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Oil Lamp

Typical unadorned Oil Lamp

We find all kinds of things when we dig in the dirt. A very common find is an oil lamp as they made thousands of them. Well they were like our light bulbs and you know what happens to them. The large hole received the oil and the small hole is where the wick was placed. These lamps could be carried in your hand like this or sit on a table or wall sconce.  Most had one wick others had two, three or even four. Some were unadorned like this one while others were formed in molds with fancy art work.

This kind of lamp is what Jesus talked about in Matthew 25 parable of the ten virgins five wise who took extra oil and five foolish who did not.

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  1. See this is why I love your blog, its Saturday early I can dig in and catch up...this is so neat I love it...the fact you take the time to share all this...the oil lamp is the coolest thing I've seen makes you wonder what it was like to use it and live back then

    Happy Saturday Larry!!!