Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Water Water Water in Petra

The rains come to Petra in February and seldom any other time.

To deal with that the ancients learned to collect water in many cisterns through out Petra and this is one of them. A modern Protective covering is what you see here. Inside the cave was the cistern that had been plastered and sealed to hold lots of water. Channels cut into the hill side directed rain water into it. These can be found all over Petra.

Our group had just been inside and I caught them coming out.


  1. those "old timers" were sure creative people! I hope some day to visit Petra.

    Did you see the pictures of the castle I recently visited? Really pretty it is.

  2. Dorrie I hope you can too. I hope I can get back there and dig again.

    Yes I saw your pictures - Awesome!