Thursday, December 17, 2015

My New Dig

Up to now all my digging has been in the Holy Land but I was invited to do a historical dig here in Louisville and spent Wednesday digging there and will go back there again. This is a downtown site where the land is being cleared to build an new and very large hotel. Evidence of previous building calls for an archaeological dig to see what is there. in the 1820's new homes were built on the south side of what was then Louisville and is now downtown. These were the home of well to do business people. At that time they did not have trash pickup for anyone and no indoor plumbing. Privies were out back and all kinds of waste went down the hole.
This privy was build before 1853 and we can tell that because it was not lined with bricks.
This one was built after Louisville passed a law that made all new privies be lined with brick. Digging these out will be interesting. We will be able to tell a lot about their daily life by what we find in them.

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